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“Broadband calls it the last mile. Cell networks call it ‘dead zones’. The result is end-users just don’t have connectivity. WiscLift provides connections in that space.”

-Scott 'LB' WilliamsCEO WiscLift

Dynamic Networks

bring connectivity to the “right” place, at the “right” time to optimize demand. For example, Telelift could be used at SCHOOL/WORK Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00, then moved to RESIDENTIAL AREAS in the evenings, and relocated to CHURCH on Sundays, or high-volume SPECIAL EVENTS as needed. For a fraction of the price, Telelift can cover a larger area for peak times. This flexible approach to networks allows one system to meet multiple needs.

Dynamic Networking provides the ability to cover large areas with fewer WiFi systems using a mobile network that is dynamically scheduled.

“Dynamic networks are not a replacement for permanent infrastructure, rather a replacement of the fallacy that permanent infrastructure is the only option.”

-Scott “LB” Williams, WiscLift CEO

“In short, the internet has become the greatest tool for economic and individual liberation the world has ever seen. And 49% of the world does not have it.”

-Rahul Tiwari, Spooky Action CEO