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Youth Internships

We often hear negative statements regarding the youth of the world and their addictions to technology. At WiscLift we maintain that the youth will be the saviors for the technological advances in our future.

For that reason, we’ve included young learners in the process from its inception. In reality, Rahul (now CEO of Spooky Action, and developer of the Telelift Drone System) was still considered a “youth” when he first visited us in South Africa in 2016. And we’ve made sure to include our highly motivated son in the project from its infancy.

At WiscLift, we believe in the importance of including our youth in any way possible. We live in an area where jobs in tech & innovation are often hard to come by. Where local students want to return post-college, but don’t feel there are enough career opportunities. Where manufacturing is an option, yet risky. We hope that through the WiscLift Internship Program more youth will see the value in pushing themselves, reaching for their dreams and being able to achieve them locally.

For more information, or if you have an interested and highly motivated youth in mind, please contact WiscLift. *All interns are supervised directly by a certified Part 107 drone pilot at all times.

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