Air National Guard Domestic Ops

Patriot Exercise

The PATRIOT exercise is a DOMOPS training exercise sponsored by the National Guard Bureau (NGB) and accredited by the Joint National Training Capability (JNTC) Program. WiscLift was honored to test and support this year’s exercise using the Telelift drone platform.

PATRIOT exercise tested the National Guard’s abilities to support response operations during natural disasters utilizing simulated emergency scenarios: strong storms bringing high winds, storm surges creating a collapsed building, mass casualties and the need for Search & Rescue along with evacuations of injured. The National Guard, Emergency Management Agency and Office of Homeland Security, along with local, state, and federal partners were all in attendance.

Gaps in network connectivity render C4ISR irrelevant, leaving airmen vulnerable…. What if you could take your network with you? That’s exactly what WiscLift tested during the Patriot Exercise, successfully providing 4G/LTE & WiFi networks to military & civil first responders–and survivors.

For more information on WiscLift’s participation at the 2021 Patriot Exercise, check out our video: . We believe every airman deserved to be connected–at all times.